It's an exciting week at Reach Game Studios this week. Not only is it the regular hectic period of time that comes with the first week back after an almost two-week break, but it's the launch of our (slightly) new look and website!

website launches

Welcome to the all-new Reach Game Studios website! It was really important for us to have a sleek, clean website, and we think this new look really achieved those goals.

We have some really interesting plans for the blog, and we can't wait to share development news, interview some of our staff, not to mention a few guest blogs too in the coming weeks and months.

We've also (finally!) launched the website for our upcoming game, Glory. You can view it right here! (Opens in new window.)

New Look

It might be a slight update, but the changes to our typeface and basic logo helps simplify how we present ourselves and our games to the world, so we're really excited to finally unveil the new-look Reach Game Studios! We hope you like it, too!

feature: the careers board

We've made our job board so much easier to follow. No more need to visit an external site to view our jobs, we've got a brand new, in-house JOB BOARD now (opens in new window).

Speaking of which, right now we've got a ton of positions across the board: from production and engineering to art, design and beyond. We'd love you to join the team!

2016: what's the plan?

It's a big year for us at Reach this year. Let's skip the dramatic prose and get to the important points:

  • GLORY: It's happening. The Glory Beta. This year. We've announced the PC version, but stay tuned this year for further information on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Glory.
  • STUDIO GOALS: Grow the team. This is shaping up to be Reach's biggest year, and we've been around for a few years now. We're looking to grow our team aggressively this year across all departments: from game development to our corporate team. A large focus for us going forward will be to increase the diversity of voices at our studio.

So, all in all a big year for the studio, and we hope you join us for the ride! 

Thanks for all the kind words of support to us on social media. And if you aren't following us on Twitter and Facebook, click over and do so!

Stay tuned, plenty more to come from us over the coming year!