Best Boss™: Intro + Info On Our Practices [BLOG]

(The following is a dev-blog by Adrian, Creative and Design Director at Reach Game Studios.)


Best Boss is an upcoming multiplayer game I’m currently working on at Reach. It’s a title that will be a mixture of bringing back competitive titles back to their roots, with regards to what makes them competitive and why people choose to play them. It’ll also be a vastly connected title. The aim is for all players – from the casuals to the hardcore eSports players (and we will be focusing incredibly hard with our eSports partners to ensure the game is a great new addition to rosters globally) – to enjoy and experience a multiplayer title as it evolves over time.

Best Boss is a game without a set release date. It’s a game we’ll be developing and adding to incrementally over time. It’ll start with small alphas and betas with a cross-section of the gaming community we want some feedback from (eSports players and partners/casual players/core gamers) and slowly open up until anyone can get their hands on the game with our public release.

Best Boss is currently planned to be a free-to-play title. This means we want to be as mindful as we can of the business model and how best to cater to you, our players and fans, without overstepping the mark like so many other games that follow this business model. As Design Director I’ve made sure that every single decision the team and I decide on are right for what we want to do with Best Boss.

With that said here are our practice for Best Boss.

  1. None of that energy crap. No energy bars or recharging bull to make you play the game. You can play the core game for free all day, everyday.
  2. Core gameplay = free. Everything that comes in the public release with regards to gameplay is free. You won’t be paying for weapons or progression. What you will be paying for are things that do not affect the core of the game. Specifically (at least right now, we’re still in design mode and this can change), you’ll can choose to pay for additional characters and profile/character customization, additional map and level content (but remember that base content will be 100% free), and other non-core features and additions. When this content is locked down we’ll be sharing what base content everyone will get come closer to launch.
  3. It’s not Pay-2-Win. All the above being said, given how competitive we aim for the game to be, balance is critical. Therefore, it would be ridiculous for us to make any aspect of the game give any player an advantage simply because they put money into the system. Any content that can be purchased is to add to your experience, but not affect the experience of any other player. When we get further into development, we’ll be sharing more about what exactly we’ll be allowing players to purchase.
  4. Listen to players. We want to make sure that we can bring the community right into the development of the game. From beginning to end, it’s an interactive experience for everyone, players to developers. If something’s unbalanced, we’ll be testing and working to make it better. If something’s not right, we’ll strive to make it better. That’s really the backbone behind this game. And without you folk we really can’t do it. It’s an inclusive, interactive development process, and we look forward to sharing the experience with you all.

We want to listen to you, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. Feel free to leave comments here, or alternatively hit the studio (@Reach_Games) or myself (@LevelUpAdrian) up on Twitter or any questions and we’ll get around to them.


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – May 17, 2013– Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd., a new Sydney-based game development studio dedicated to building top-tier stories and experiences, today announced that they are officially licensed to develop on Nintendo platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U

The news was announced today by studio head and creative director, Adrian Vergara.

“Reach is super excited to be able to now develop for 3DS and Wii U. Both are exciting platforms that offer interesting ways for players to connect with games, and we’re excited to get hands-on with the platforms and see what amazing concepts the team have for them.”

The studio is currently prototyping and discussing possible projects for the platforms. At the moment there are no concrete plans for any title.

“At the moment we’re considering our options with these platforms,” said Adrian, “of course the team already have some ideas cooking but we’ll have to test them out and see where they fit in to our existing plans and projects. We’re committed to developing ‘top-tier stories and experiences’ and we’ll make sure we do just that. For us this means not rushing into anything.”

Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd. – Internship Program

Hi there, Adrian here!

With the team hard at work on Heart and Soul, we’re looking for interns to join us here at Reach! If you’re studying games design or programming, then this is probably for you! Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to see what it’s like to develop an amazing next-generation experience!


ARTIST INTERNS (3D and 2D/Concept):

Do you have a keen eye and a unique talent to bring characters and environments to life? Want to see your ideas come to life in a next-generation title? Take a look at our artist internship.

You’ll be helping on the very special job of taking ideas and make them visually-compelling, yet practical pieces. You’ll be collaborating with the rest of the art and design teams to bring to life amazing characters, environments, creatures, props, etc.

* Must have strong knowledge of (if 3D) Maya/3D Studio Max / etc. and/or (if 2D) Photoshop / After Effects / etc.

* Must have a portfolio.



You see the world from a perspective most don’t have. Using this perspective, and technology, you’ll be able to come up with wonderful animations. You’ll bring to life concepts that our development team comes up with. You’ll be delivering for the player, who will ultimately play the game and see your perfected animations. Timing, expression, and movement are the secret sauce in getting messages across, and maintaining the emotion of each animation is just as important.

* Must have strong knowledge of working within traditional 3D software packages.

* Must have a portfolio.



Programming and scripting is where the game comes together, and here you’ll be working with some of the most cutting-edge technology to bring high- and l0w-level game design concepts and mechanics to e-life. You’ll be working with the meat and potatoes of the game and see just how a next-gen game ticks. You could say a game is where technology and art culminate, and you’ll be right at the heart of this singularity.

* Must have a strong aptitude for programming languages (particularly C++, though C# is suitable).

* Must have experience working with a game engine (or two, or three!) such as Unity, CryEngine, Unreal, etc.

* Must be studying a programming course (if attached – see below). Recommendation from programming tutor/teacher a plus.



A game designer is the brains behind the game. A jack-of-all-trades, you’ll be at the centre of working with the entire development team and other designers to come up with “top-tier” gaming experience players will enjoy. The things you come up with will be the things that players will emotionally, mentally and physically connect with. You can look part abstract issues and come up with fantastic ways of looking at the (game) world.

* Portfolio strongly preferred. Recommendation from design tutor/teacher a MAJOR plus.

* Strong understanding of how game engines work such as Unity, CryEngine, Unreal, etc.

* Understanding of programming languages a plus.


To apply for an internship at Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd. please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Please put “INTERNSHIP APPLICATION” as the subject line and then introduce yourself and note which internship you are applying for. Please also attach any supporting documentation/portfolios to support your application.

Sorry, currently we can only accept interns from Australia.


Note: You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you are accepted into the Internship Program.

Note 2: You will be required to work on your internship from home. We offer an immense amount of support for our interns, and are available to contact during business hours.

It is your responsibility to ensure that this internship program will work for your particular course. Get in touch with your course coordinator if you are not sure.

We have a quota of interns that we can also take on board that are unattached to a particular course. Please apply and note that you wish to apply for an unattached internship.

Reach Studios Officially Opens It’s E-doors

Hi there! Thanks for checking our website out!

We’re excited to finally unveil the official Reach Studios website. It still needs some touching up, but this’ll now permanently be our home where we can share all the goings-on with the studio – from development talk to random ideas that are going on in our minds! The aim is to get the entire studio staff involved with updating this blog, allowing you to get to meet each of our staff members!

There’s not much more to say really, but do stay tuned to our website! We can’t wait to share more details on our upcoming project! If you want a bit more background on our studio, you can also check out our “About” page.

Talk to you all soon!